Paraguay Is for Dance Lovers

Do you love to dance? I do. Actually, dancing is my favorite pastime, and it wins by a landslide.

In the US we talk about people who can dance and who can’t dance. We have an unfortunate situation where many women like to dance and many men refuse to dance or do so grudgingly. That doesn’t happen in Paraguay.

Just about everyone dances and though you can find people who don’t like dancing it’s not an easy task. What’s more, many parties are designed specifically to have a dance component.

And, in Paraguay, there are many more opportunities for parties than in the States. In addition to celebrating major national holidays, Paraguayans celebrate patron saints’ days and soccer teams’ founding anniversaries…every community has a patron saint and a soccer team.

We aren’t just talking humble little dance parties in your apartment. We are talking huge speakers, DJs, and bands. The average party doesn’t start until 11 or 12; the first band doesn’t come on until at least 1 in the morning, and the dancing can go on until 6 a.m. (or so).

Dancing also doesn’t only mean breaking it down free and wild. In Paraguay, everyone knows how to dance cumbia and cachata, which are couples’ dances. You have to have a dance partner.

Summary: Paraguay is a dancer’s paradise.