6 Unexpected Outcomes of Paraguay

  1. Paraguayan house, back viewMy best friends in site are all 2-3 times my age. The señoras are simply awesome.
  2. I go to Bible study. Sometimes you got to do things you’re not comfortable doing to integrate. And, with the stress I feel just living in Paraguay, it’s nice to have an hour to just reflect and be calm.
  3. I think babies are cute. I’ve never been a baby person. Here there are babies everywhere. And the babies are pretty darn cute.
  4. I’ve eaten tripe and other organ parts of animals. I just tell myself not to think about it.
  5. I drink coffee. Coffee is a common breakfast food, yep food.
  6. I pray for rain. Nothing happens in the rain, so it’s nice to have a justification to take time to recharge.