A Land Where Fruit Grows on Trees

Me Hunting for GrapefruitIn the States I used to go grocery shopping for fruit—you know: grapefruits, mangos, and passion fruit—but in Paraguay you go acquaintance shopping instead. As far as I can tell, Paraguay grows just about every fruit except apples—the trick is to know what’s in season. Once you know the seasons the next step is finding someone who has that particular fruit at her house. From there, a pleasant ask or a afternoon of terere will likely do the trick.

Citrus are in season right now, and they are delicious. The trees are heavy with little globes. There’s something completely lovely about whacking down grapefruits and mandarins, high above your head, with a stick. They thud to the ground. They are juicy and fresh. The peels are not some pretty color like they are in the grocery store—usually they’re more patchy yellow-orange and green.

Before citrus it was guavas and avocados and before that it was mangos. Passion fruit are also coming in right now—so tart and mouth wateringly tasty. I think papayas are coming up. And there are different bananas throughout the year, though I’m not sure exactly when…just yet.

It’s fall quickly turning to winter right now. I’m not sure if that means we’ll have a fruit break or if the trees will just keep chugging along.