CowI cannot describe the Paraguayan love for meat

So strong and not selective


It’s not romantic, but matter-of-fact

Nawing, slurping, cutting, chopping, slicing, pounding, breading, frying, grinding

It is not the cut that matters


Cow for the weekdays and pig for the weekends

Pork fatty bits seasoned and laced with cornmeal

Blood sausage or breaded and fried stomach slices


Bones with fat in a runny broth

Little bits in cheesy rice

Slices that are somewhat nice


Meat, carne, so’o, pork, chancho

Meat is king in Paraguay

(Chicken does not count as meat)


Slaughtering is a group affair

Kids know how to remove pig hair

The men slice and the women cook


It’s not exciting and it’s not passionate

The source of our food is very clear

This here pork came from over there


Paraguayans love their meat

It’s not secret but loudly announced

Meat desire.